Friday, June 8, 2012


“A thrilling read . . . be totally engaged while learning life’s glorious lessons.”
-Scott Friedman, Past President, National Speakers Association (USA)

"Quest, Inc. isn’t a self-help book, yet it is the most useful book on the topic that I have ever read. It contains two vital elements omitted in most self-improvement literature: honesty and balance. Neither extreme optimism, nor extreme pessimism are accurate, when it comes to personal transformation. Positive change is possible, yet hardly ever as simple and linear as it is made out to be. Quest, Inc. takes the reader on a refreshing journey that demonstrates the struggles of those who aim to improve their lives, as well as those who aim to help them. This book should be required reading before you embark on a self-improvement program. It will improve your odds of success."
-Niel Malan, CEO, Leverage Global

"Justin Cohen has written a winner! Some of the lines are so well written, I just wanted to highlight them—so that I could look them up again and refer to them. I thoroughly enjoyed the way he incorporated lessons about wealth, self- worth, image, death, spirituality, love, growth, goals, taking action and genuine success into an easy-to-read and enjoyable story. He’s certainly found a successful balance between making the reader think, contemplate their life, laugh and well up with emotion. I did not want to put it down!"
-Lauren Fleiser, Creator Trutrepreneur

"Besides having over a decade of experience as a human potential practitioner, Justin Cohen knows how to weave his deep insight into a powerful and inspiring story. He skillfully reveals the truth about personal transformation: it’s a rocky quest—for everyone, including the experts. This is a compelling read and once you’re hooked, almost impossible to put down."
-Paul du Toit, Past President, Professional Speaker’s Association, (RSA)

"I was captivated. I started reading the book Friday evening and, despite a busy weekend, I finished it on Sunday! If I had to summarize it in one word—fantasticamazingbrilliant! I will be buying this book as a gift to give to my staff, friends and family.
-Paul Kempff, MD, FFG Risk Solutions

"I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t put it down. My only criticism is I’m getting antsy waiting for the next one. It’s innovative and packed full of knowledge, insight and humor. Such a brilliant concept!"

-Shira Shakti, Graduate Student, UCT

"An absolute blast! A powerful story with nuggets of wisdom on every page. One of the characters has changed my consciousness forever." 

-Lusan Cohn, Senior Administrator, Milk South Africa

"So much more fascinating than a normal self-help book. I loved the fast-paced, TV drama style and how each story impacted the other. I couldn’t stop reading, and finished it in one sitting!
-Hannelie Snow, Communication and Brand Officer

"What I absolutely love is the way this book captures the essence of progress: it’s a bumpy ride and things don’t just happen the instant you change your attitude or approach. I think people are growing tired of quick fixes that promise the world. Quest, Inc, with an emphasis on being truthful and not just telling people what would make them feel better, is what this disenchanted world really needs right now. Justin Cohen has demonstrated a true depth of understanding of transformation and human potential. His insights and life lessons are eye-opening and liberating."
-Lishen Nair, Entrepreneur

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